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應用英語研究所 Institute of Applied English
National Taiwan Ocean University Institute of Applied English
黃馨週教授 科技部學術研究 著作目錄
2016-07研討會論文Openings and closings in intercultural email communicationHuang, H.-c.
2016-04研討會論文Designing an online English reading course: EFL learners’ perceptions of a flipped classroom approachChen, H. Y., & Huang, H.-c.
2016-04研討會論文The effects of online games on Taiwanese EFL students’ vocabulary learning: A case studyKuo, Y. C, & Huang, H.-c.
2016-01專書論文Openings and closings in intercultural email communication: A case study of Taiwanese, Japanese, and Italian studentsHuang, H.-c. (2016)Email Discourse among Chinese Using English as a Lingua Franca
2015-10研討會論文Creative use of video projects for motivation and language learningHuang, H.-c.
2015-10技術報告電子遠距合作2.0: 運用電腦為溝通媒介促進跨文化交流及語言學習Huang, H.-c.
2015-06期刊論文Do Opposites Attract? Willingness to Communicate in the Target Language for Academically, Culturally, and Linguistically Different Language LearnersFreiermuth,M. & Huang, H.-c.International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (IJCALLT)
2015-06專書論文Employing online chat to solve task-based activities: Using online chat to promote cultural language exchange between Japanese and Taiwanese learners.Freiremuth, M. & Huang, H.-c. (2015)Contemporary Task-based Language Teaching in Asia
2015-05研討會論文Intercultural communication between Jordanian and Taiwanese students via Facebook messenger: A case studyAlhassan, A. & Huang, H.-c.
2015-04期刊論文From web-based readers to voice bloggers: EFL learners’ perspectivesHuang, H.-c.Computer Assisted Language Learning (SSCI)
2015-03期刊論文The effects of video projects on EFL learners’ language learning and motivation: An evaluative studyHuang, H.-c.International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (IJCALLT)
2014-10技術報告以數位故事創作提昇學習動機、策略運用、及語言能力: 課程設計與實踐Huang, H.-c.
2014-08期刊論文Online versus paper-based instruction: Comparing two strategy training modules for improving reading comprehensionHuang, H.-c.RELC Journal
2014-08研討會論文The effects of CALL professional development on teachers' beliefs about classroom technology integrationHuang, H.-c.
2014-07研討會論文Methodological challenges in capturing online reading strategy data: A comparison of verbal protocols and screen-capturing techniquesHuang, H.-c.
2013-11研討會論文iPad reading: An innovative approach to new litearciesHuang, H.-c.
2013-10技術報告全球化下之電腦輔助英語教學: 課程設計與教師信念及實踐Huang, H.-c.
2013-09期刊論文Online reading strategies at work: What teachers think and what students doHuang, H.-c.ReCALL (SSCI)
2013-09研討會論文Cross-cultural connections in English using online chatFreiermuth, M. & Huang, H.-c.
2013-07期刊論文E-reading and e-discussion: EFL learners' perceptions of an e-book reading programHuang, H.-c.Computer Assisted Language Learning (SSCI)
2013-07研討會論文How does extensive reading online influence L2 students’ motivation to read?Huang, H.-c.
2013-06期刊論文Motivational changes in an English foreign language online reading contextHuang, H.-c.Social Behavior and Personality (SSCI)
2012-10技術報告外語學習者之網路閱讀動機及網路閱讀理解力: 新讀寫素養之挑戰與前景Huang, H.-c.
2012-05研討會論文Does the medium matter? The effects of an online reading strategy training program on reading comprehensionHuang, H.-c.
2012-03研討會論文L2 readers’ perceptions of e-booksHuang, H-c.
2012-01期刊論文Bringing Japan and Taiwan closer electronically: A look at an intercultural online synchronic chat task and its effect on motivationFreiermuth, M. , Huang, H.-c.Language Teaching Research (SSCI)
2011-10技術報告以網路及電子閱讀器為媒介之電子書閱讀初探Huang, H.-c.
2011-08研討會論文Reading and technology: Instructors’ perceptions of a web-based reading programHuang, H.-c.
2011-04研討會論文The effect of e-book reading on EFL learners' attitudesHuang, H.-c.
2011-03研討會論文E-reading and e-responding: Students' perceptions of an e-book reading programHuang, H.-c.
2010-10技術報告運用溝通式任務及網路聊天室增進文化了解Huang, H.-c.
2010-07研討會論文Online chat's effect on cross-cultural EFL communicationFreiermuth, M.F., Huang, H.-c.
2010-04研討會論文Online reading strategy training program: Skills for new literacyHuang, H.-c.
2010-03研討會論文Crossing space and time: The effect of cross-cultural online chatting on the motivation of Japanese and Taiwanese students learning EnglishFreiermuth, M.F., Huang, H.-c.
2010-03研討會論文Online Chatrooms for Cultural Understanding: A Task-based ApproachHuang, H.-c., Freiermuth, M.F.
2009-12期刊論文Reading on the internet: A case studyHuang, H.-c.英語教學English Teaching & Learning
2009-10研討會論文Task-based motivation in an online chat classroom connecting Japan and TaiwanFreiermuth, M. F., Huang, H.-c.
2009-01期刊論文EFL learners’ use of online reading strategies and comprehension of texts: An exploratory studyHuang, H.-c., Chern, C. & Lin, C.Computers & Education (SSCI)
2008-11研討會論文A Web-based Reading Strategy Training Program: EFL Teachers’ PerceptionsHuang, H.-c.
2008-10技術報告台灣教師網路閱讀策略教學信念之初探Huang, H.-c.
2008-08研討會論文Teachers' Perceptions of the Web-based Reading Strategy Training ProgramHuang, H.-c.
2007-11研討會論文Reading on the Internet: Four Case StudiesHuang, H.-c.
2007-05研討會論文Exploring EFL Learners' Online Reading Strategy Use and Text ComprehensionHuang, H.-c.
2007-04研討會論文EFL Learners' Online Reading Strategies: A Comparison Between High and Low EFL Proficient ReadersHuang, H.-c.
2007-04研討會論文Exploring EFL Learners’ Online Reading StrategiesHuang, H.-c.
2007-03研討會論文Designing an Online Reading Strategy ProgramHuang, H.-c., Chern, C.L., Lin, C.C.
2006-09期刊論文EFL Teachers’ Perceptions of Computer-Assisted Language LearningHuang, H.-c.Journal of St. John's University
2006-07期刊論文EFL Learners' Online Reading Strategies: A Comparison Between High and Low EFL Proficient ReadersHuang, H.-c., Chern, C, & Lin, C.English Teaching & Learning
2006-03研討會論文Web-based Reading and Online Chatroom for Cultural Understanding and Language LearningHuang, H.-c. & Jong, Y.
2003-12期刊論文看故事學英文—運用分級讀本實行廣泛閱讀Huang, H.-c.敦煌英語教學雜誌
2003-08研討會論文Discourse Analysis of Internet Relay Chat: Implications for Language TeachingHuang, H.-c.
2002-11研討會論文The Effectiveness of an Email Exchange Project: An Evaluative StudyHuang, H.-c.
2002-09期刊論文The Cultural Role in Schema Theory: Comments on Richard C. Anderson's Role of the Reader's Schema in Comprehension, Learning, and MemoryHuang, H.-c.Journal of Hsin-pu College
2002-09期刊論文What Makes a Good Language Teacher: A Self-Reflection on My Growth As an English TeacherHuang, H.-c.Journal of Hsin-pu College
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