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應用英語研究所 Institute of Applied English
National Taiwan Ocean University Institute of Applied English
黃如瑄副教授 科技部學術研究 著作目錄
2016-11期刊論文What do subject experts teach about writing research articles?Ju Chuan HuangJournal of English for Academic Purposes
2016-10專書論文Teaching writing for publication in English to engineering students: Implications from a collaborative course in TaiwanJu Chuan HuangGlobal Academic Publishing: Policies, Practices, and Pedagogies
2016-04期刊論文ESP vs. EGP: Investigating English needs of university students in transportation science.Wei Yu Chao and Ju Chuan HuangESP World
2015-11研討會論文Interdisciplinary collaboration in teaching English research writing: Instructors’ and students’ perspectivesJu Chuan, Huang
2015-期刊論文Sub-Disciplinary Variations in Marine Engineering Research Article SectionsJu Chuan, HuangThaiTESOL Journal
2014-12研討會論文subdisciplinary variations in marine engineering research article sectionsJu Chuan Huang
2014-11研討會論文Effects of storytelling instruction on English listening proficiency and motivation.Yuan-Hsin, Lin., & Ju Chuan Huang
2014-08期刊論文Learning to write for publication in English through genre-based pedagogy: A case in Taiwan.Ju Chuan HuangSystem
2014-03研討會論文A genre analysis of research article abstracts in marine engineering.Ju Chuan, Huang
2013-11研討會論文Teaching writing for publication in English: An exploratory study.Ju Chuan, Huang
2012-06研討會論文Exploring effects of genre-based pedagogy on EFL graduate students’ learning of research writingJu Chuan Huang
2011-06研討會論文Empowering non-native English speaking scholars in writing for scholarly publication: What can ESP specialists do?Ju Chuan Huang
2011-06其他Socializing NNES novice scholars into disciplinary discourse communities: A research writing courseJu Chuan Huang
2011---期刊論文Attitudes of Taiwanese scholars toward English and Chinese as languages of publication.Ju Chuan HuangAsia Pacific Journal of Education
2010---期刊論文Publishing and learning writing for publication in English: Perspectives of NNES PhD students in science.Ju Chuan HuangJournal of English for Academic Purposes
2009-11研討會論文Preparing novice scholars for writing research: A needs analysisJu Chuan Huang
2009-03研討會論文Language(s) of scientific publication: An attitudinal study.Ju Chuan Huang
2008-03研討會論文An integrated approach to teaching of academic writing to ESL studentsJu Chuan Huang
2008---其他Review of the book Writing Preparation and Practice 2Ju Chuan Huang
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