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應用英語研究所 Institute of Applied English
National Taiwan Ocean University Institute of Applied English
林澄億助理教授 科技部學術研究 著作目錄
2013-05研討會論文A needs analysis of English language use in the business workplace in Taiwan林澄億
2013-04研討會論文Mismatches between business needs and the Taiwanese Tertiary EBP Curriculum林澄億
2012-03研討會論文A needs analysis of language use in international trade corporations: Are ESP courses necessary?林澄億
2011-05專書Evaluating a College EFL Reader: Reliability in Readability林澄億Studies in Teaching English for Professional Communications
2011-04研討會論文The comparison of readability between senior high English textbooks and college EFL readers in Taiwan林澄億
2006-08研討會論文Evaluation of new English textbooks for senior high schools in Taiwan: An intercultural perspective林澄億
2006-03期刊論文EFL Learner' s Lexical Range as a Predictor for Reading Performance: a case study of Engineering-major Freshmen at Tamkang University林澄億,卓建宏萬能英語教學與文學學報
2005-11研討會論文Implementing CLT in the classroom: A study of teacher beliefs and classroom interaction林澄億
2004-06研討會論文Using Films to Activate Cultural Awareness in the EFL Classroom: A Case Study of Freshmen Business Majors林澄億
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